Clackamas River Newfs


We have puppies from several different litters all available to new homes. 





In our experience we have learned that all Newf puppies grow very quickly, and what they grow into is a large, hairy, drooly dog that usually LOVES rain and snow and LOVES to be outside in inclement weather. What this means for you, is that your wonderful Newfie will love being wet and being muddy!! And if its ice and snow he'll be even happier!!! We want you to see the Newfie in all its natural glory, because they are often groomed one day and playing in the rain or snow the next.
Newfoundland puppies grow EXTREMELY fast. The furry little bundle you see today will rapidly become a 100+ pound animal.
Newfoundland?s are great with children. However, PLEASE remember that a Newfoundland puppy and a child should not be left unsupervised. By 6 months your Newfoundland can easily be in the 50 pound range, and still VERY much a puppy.
A Newfoundland is NOT a babysitter! You must teach your Newfoundland puppy that your child is ahead of him/her in the "pecking order" of the "pack".
Newfoundland?s need exercise, and they won't get it on their own accord. Even with a large yard, Newfoundland?s do not just "get up and go" if they can lay and hold the grass down. You will need to find ways to interact with your pet to get him the exercise he needs. This means playing fetch, swimming or going for long, leisurely walks every day.
Newfoundland?s need to be brushed at least twice a week or so. They are not heavy year round shedders, but twice a year they shed This is called "blowing coat". Your pet will need to be brushed daily during this time to avoid skin irritations.
Newfoundland?s need a fenced yard or kennel area. We recommend 6 ft fencing,
Which is 99% of the time sufficient, Newfs are not known to be jumpers or climbers, but keep in mind , the normal 6? chain link fence is not sufficient to keep a determined Newf in the yard..I have watched them hook their front legs over the top and pull themselves over the fence, depends on how badly they want out .we have had great luck with underground fencing, the downfall is, it is a little expensive..
Newfoundland?s LOVE water and your furry friend will take every opportunity he can find, to lie in it, jump in it or swim in it!!! After this wet little romp he will see no reason at all that he should not be allowed into the house. Newfs have a habit of taking people's hands in their mouths and leading them around. Though this can be endearing to you and people who know your Newf. it can be very disheartening to strangers who think your big guy is trying to bite them. This habit MUST be dealt with at an early age or it can be hard to break.
And now for the Good, Newfs are very smart dogs, train fairly easily, great family pets, love attention and to be near their owners, they are great swimmers, as they were once used in water rescue, very gentle, but still can be very protective


Males and Females in Black, Black and White Landseer, and Brown and White Landseers... and ONE Brown female too!